give a permissions to a process that is running as a user to access domain socket and connect to my server

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I have a tcp server running on linux and bound to unix domain socket

I want to allow (give permission ) to another process (running as a user) to connect to the server using the same domain socket.

How Can I achieve that ?

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Likely you'll do this exactly like any other file.

Using normal user + group ids, however you arrange this in your runtime environment.

You might also use setfacl, if you have more complex requirements.

My guess is you'll leave the domain socket user/group/permissions alone + then use setfacl to add ACLs for other users/groups requiring access.

For example, let's say Apache www-data owns a set of files + you'd like to add many users to access different parts of your Apache files.

You'd use a command similar to this...

useradd --user-group -G www-data --shell=/usr/bin/mysecureshell --home=/path user
setfacl -Rm d:u:user:rwX,u:user:rwX /path

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The exact user/group/permissions you assign depend on your unique situation.

In your case, you'd skip the useradd, as you'll be using existing users.

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