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equallogic issue. replacement drive not approved.

I have an Equallogic 6100 with multiple failed HDDs. Its out of warranty and I ordered and received HDDs. Refurb Dell SAS drives. Same exact model and on the label the firmware says it's the same. When I insert them they give me the error that they're not approved and are unavailable.

Any ideas?
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the drive doesn't carries the correct firmware so its rejected from the should return it or buy another...
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even though it states it has the correct firmware on the label?
Mistakes happen...maybe its a minor subversion that is not on the label.....if you have no way out there is a chance by swapping the PCB from one of the failed drive to get it "approved" but i haven't tried it ..
Firmware matters.  If you value your data then you will buy NEW disks with proper firmware.  
In fact the controller on that system cares so much about the proper firmware that it is rejecting those drives..   What does that tell you?

On enterprise storage systems such as these, the proper firmware does a great deal of customization when it comes to retry timing, thresholds.  Furthermore one of the log pages is custom, there are about 10 counters there that do NOT exist on stock SEAG firmware.   W/O those counters the drive won't be able to properly assess health.
ok so i've tried 3 drives that are the exact same drive model, brand, firmware, size, P/N and they all say "not approved". I've got 3 drives that are bad and i've tried those drives in different slots with the same error.
these drives are from 3 different vendors. I even tried getting one from Dell but they don't sell them anymore.
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so I finally got 2 drives in that worked for the Equallogic.

My best guess/detective work, would be that even though all 7 of the previous drives were identical physically and had the correct P/N that during their previous lives or during the refurb process the firmware was flashed to an incompatible version. The 2 that came in on Friday were specifically labeled for Equallogic.
You are correct sir.