Intel vPro (AMT) Setup


I am unable to find a thorough (or current for that matter) guide (or video) to setting up Intel's vPro (AMT) capabilities.
I have about 2000 clients I need to setup and manage/support from a central location.

I need to (in no particular order):
1. Provision the clients.
2. Setup the Remote Configuration Service (RCS) in database mode
3. Setup the Certificates and TLS encryption
4. Setup the vPro Gateway (Management Presence Server (MPS)) in order to be able to offer "Fast Call for Help" (CIRA) from outside our network
5. Create configuration profiles and encrypt them
5. And anything else I might not know I need to do

asantiaIT EngineerAsked:
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Intel's Deployment Guide PDF.

vPro Setup Guide on Intel's vPro Site.

Intel Setup and Configuration Software site.

The first gives a step-by-step. The second two are dedicated resource sites with lots of info.
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
One quick thing I would like to mention before you get started is that vPro (AMT) only works on one monitor at a time and in some cases it does not work on laptops with an external monitor. We had to resort to tight VNC in some cases so that we could remote the laptops.
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
I would advice using meshcentral 2 which is web based. You can manage everything from there. Linky It is easy to setup and makes managing all your AMT computers very easy.
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
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