I need help with my VB code trying to fill a checkedlistbox and check items based on a value in SQL

I am trying to read in all columns in a SQL table to a VB checklistbox item and then check the ones that have a "checked" value of 1 in SQL.
Everything is working except it throws an exception when I get to the line where it is supposed to check one.
I am a pretty basic skilled programmer.
Any help is appreciated.
The line below that throws the exception is CheckedListBox1.SetItemCheckState(Index, CheckState.Checked)
Here is my code:
  Dim connectionString As String
        Dim cnn As SqlClient.SqlConnection
        Dim cmd As SqlClient.SqlCommand
        Dim sql As String
        Dim reader As SqlClient.SqlDataReader
        Dim i As Integer = 0
        Dim td As DateTime = DateTime.Now
        Dim Newdate = td.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")

        connectionString = "Data Source=SQLSERVER\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=DBName;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=FakeID;Password=FakePassword"
        sql = "select CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), AddTime, 120),PatientMRN,PatientName,Checked,Completed from CarePlanOCR where CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), DateColumn, 120) = '" + Newdate + "'" + " order by CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), AddTime, 120)"
        cnn = New SqlClient.SqlConnection(connectionString)
            cmd = New SqlClient.SqlCommand(sql, cnn)
            reader = cmd.ExecuteReader()
            While reader.Read()
                Dim checkedstate As Integer = reader.Item(3)
                'Add based on checked state
                If checkedstate = 1 Then

                    Dim Index As Integer = CheckedListBox1.Items.Add(reader.Item(0) + " - " + reader.Item(1) + " - " + reader.Item(2))
                    CheckedListBox1.SetItemCheckState(Index, CheckState.Checked)

                    Dim index As Integer = CheckedListBox1.Items.Add(reader.Item(0) + " - " + reader.Item(1) + " - " + reader.Item(2))

                End If

            End While

        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("Can not open connection ! ")
        End Try

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OHACIIT DirectorAsked:
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Please post the exception and inner exception for the error you are receiving?
OHACIIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I apologize I am not a programmer, how do I do this in visual studio 2010?
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:

Try changing your code to this one.
If checkedstate = 1 Then
    Dim Index As Integer = CheckedListBox1.Items.Add(reader.Item(0) + " - " + reader.Item(1) + " - " + reader.Item(2), True)
    Dim index As Integer = CheckedListBox1.Items.Add(reader.Item(0) + " - " + reader.Item(1) + " - " + reader.Item(2))
End If

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OHACIIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
The same thing, it throws an exception as soon as it hits a record with the checked state = 1
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:

To get the exception details you can do the following. Please note the display of the image below will be different because of the different versions of Visual Studio. You should find a link that states "Copy Details", in the image below next to last line, click on it and it will copy to the clipboard. Now paste that in to a comment on this question. Please in the Write Comment box find the word CODE and click on it then paste the exception message by pressing Ctrl-V on the keyboard.Exception
OHACIIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I figured out the issue, my try and my catch exception was not allowing me to see exactly where the exception was happening.  Once I removed this I could see it was in another part of my code where it was looking at the "selected checklistbox2 item" and since nothing was selected on form load it was throwing out the exception.
I will mark your code with true on the end as answered because that does work once I fixed the other issue.
Thanks for your help Fernando!
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Very good OHACI, always glad to help.
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