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GBIC SPF for the old router

I have an older Cisco 7301 router from 2005; that I want to use in the new office as a temp solution.

It has 3 SPF GBIC ports.  Can I use any SPF transceivers or only Cisco specific.  I have few from Juniper 10GBASE 70C.  
Would that work?
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Senior Network Engineer
The 7301 only supports SFPs (SX, LX/LH, and ZX)
So definitely the 10 Gig SFP+ are not supported

If you have a non cisco/non genuine sfp
Try the hidden command : service unsupported-transceiver
Read the disclaimer and decide


'service unsupported-transceiver' not working in my case.  

So looks like for this I need to get a SX, LX/LH, or ZX SFP GBIC modules?  Are those easy to get?
WissamSenior Network Engineer
Yes and can be found as refurbished second hand as well
The sx is multimode for shorter distance
The lh is the singlemode for longer distances
And zx is the extended range
It depends what you want to connect it to... Both sides and the fibre patch and infrastructure shall be the same


Great thank you.  I just need to connect ISP LC cables into the router.
WissamSenior Network Engineer
Most probably it is mm then (sx) module
If in same room definitely multimode
Did they provide you with a fibre patch cord? Is it cyan or orange? If yes then you require an sx sfp
If yellow then an lh sfp


ISP didn't make a drop yet.   So not sure.   Let me try to ask ISP.  Thanks.