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Webmail Redirection Redux

This started here:

I am seeing things that I don't understand:
Using this URL
https://webmail.centurylink.net/mail#1 or ... /mail#2

The following observations are ALL ON THE SAME COMPUTER (as a test platform).

Internet Explorer gets the up-to-date mail page.  Either #1 or #2.
Oh, except that I had it remember the password.
So, I deleted the passwords.
Now I get
http://mail.centurylink.net/zimbra/mail#1 and the mail on the page stops at Sept 30.

Google Chrome gets the right mail page at:
with the up-to-date mail.

Firefox gets the wrong page at:
http://mail.centurylink.net/zimbra/mail#1 and the mail page stops at Sept 30.

If I use an appropriate IP address, I can see both pages in the same browser .. or at least I was able to do that once.

I've checked DNS results and just cannot find what's causing this.

On the problem computer, the same (bad) page shows up on all the browsers.

I need some guidance so I can fix the problem computer.  Please?
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