DSN connection no longer works after upgrading to excel 2016

I have been using iseries access odbc drivers to connect excel 2010 to our iseries database. We recently upgraded t excel 2016 and the drivers do not appear to work any more. old reports that i created in 2010 will refresh in the 2016 version and i can edit the definitions with no problem. i just cant get a brand new connection in excel to connect. I get the following error attached. The database i am connecting to is running V6R1. The strange thing is i have another Iseries database that i can still connect to using excel 2016 but it is on version 7R1
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This means your new Excel is not compatible with the V6R1 drivers. The best solution is to upgrade the 6R1 to 7R1. Of course, you may also downgrade the Excel. Do you need any new specific Excel 2016 feature?

Possible problem could be the bit depth. This means 32 bit Excel can use just 32 bit drivers, 64 bit Excel can use 64 bit drivers.
Jackie ManCommented:
Your error just says ODBC driver is outdated and Excel 2016 cannot resolve the host and the fields from the host.
Hi natevelli2,

did you solve the problem already? Please post some status or ask for more help or close the question.

Split points seems to be a good option in the case author is not responding to correct answers.
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