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Swapping file servers

In environment where swapping 2003 server for server 2012

Only problem being login scripts being used instead of gpo

Plan is to robocopy remaining folders and amend log in scripts some evening this week

What's the most painless way to do this?
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End-user support
One thing to check...

If you have other scripts and utilities, e.g. .bat, .cmd, .vbs, .exe, that are dependent on the old server name, you'll need to update those. You may need to check the task scheduler on the old server for those scripts.

If you don't already have a quick way to find those scripts, you can use notepad++ feature "Find in files" to search various folders for the old server name.

Double-check your logon scripts for dependencies, also.

Also... do users use various scripts during day-to-day production?


I did a check and approx 40 scripts used for logon

I'm used to maybe 5-6 in the past which would be handy it's the number that's a pain I'm trying to consolidate some of them access wise