Nutanix CVM Memory is 100% in Prism and Web Client with ESXi 6.5

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Has anyone else run into this issue yet?

Nutanix CVM Memory is 100% in Prism and Web Client with ESXi 6.5 and later?

Nutanix is saying this is a bug in VMware and VMware does not consider it to be a bug;

"As per VMware this is a cosmetic issue and they have not documented a fix for it.
The next release of ESXi is tentatively going to be released on 3rd week of December 2017.
But we are not sure if this issue is seen as a BUG by VMware and its being working to be fixed on the next release."

I am just trying to figure out if this is a real problem and if anyone else has experienced this on Nutanix\VM Hypervisor?

I would rather not disable the alerts in ESX.

Appreciate any insights.

Thanks EE.
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we upgraded our test environment this weekend to 6.5 and all our CVM are also flat lining at 100% mem.
weirdly feels good to not be alone.


Thank you for the insight.

This was the response I got back from VMware:

"I have had the case reviewed by our Escalation Engineer and the final view is that the alarm that you are seeing is a Display problem ( False Positive Alarm) and has no performance impact on the VM or the ESXi host.

This can be, as mentioned by Kavya a cosmetic issue which should be addressed in the future but do not have an ETA on the same right now."

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