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How to attract traffic to one wan router over another OSPF Q

Imagine a remote site - call it Dallas - with two WAN routers. Router WAN1 connects to the data center in Denver over a 1Gbps circuit and router WAN2 connects to the data center over another 1Gbps circuit. All the routers are participating in OSPF.


The Dallas site has network and currently that gets advertised such that traffic to Dallas goes equally over WAN2 and WAN1. I would like a specific subnet say to prefer ckt2 unless ckt2 goes down then it would use ckt1. What would I do in OSPF to color the route for so that the data center prefers sending via ckt2?

Thank you.
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Do you have any diagram of your network? There's many method to do so, but I'd love to analyze your thought with more detail if I see your diag.
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I've attached a very simplified version. The two WAN router at each site are connected to each other and connected to a corresponding WAN router at the remote site. The routers are transmitted via OSPF. If I wanted Denver networks to choose say circuit 2 for - what would I do to get that path favored? I could I suppose go onto the Denver router connected to ckt and use a static route with the lower metric and being favored for being more specific. But there's got to be an OSPF way to do this. It's just been too long since I watched the training on this.
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Thanks. I also found a good explanation and example here:
You're welcome.