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Excel formula slows down excel spreadsheet

Hi, I have been applying this formula in my excel spreadsheet but when i enter this formula in multiple cells, my excel calculating processor slows down and eventually crashing. Is there any way to make this formula work faster?

Purpose of formula: To count filtered data with 2 conditions (Dryness + absorbency being positive and subject name being pampers) applied within the formula.

Multiple cells as what i mean is that Dryness + absorbency is one of the fields. There is about 12 fields for 3 different brands ( Brand A [Pampers] , Brand B , Brand C)

Pivot table is not what i m looking for as for this project they need us to use excel formula to calculate.

    --(INDEX('Current Month'!$A:BJ,0,MATCH("Subject Name",'Current Month'!$A$1:$BJ$1,0))="Pampers"),
    --(INDEX('Current Month'!$A:BJ,0,MATCH("Dryness + Absorbency",'Current Month'!$A$1:$AJ$1,0))="POSITIVE"),
    --(IF(SUBTOTAL(103,INDIRECT("'Current Month'!$A"&ROW(A:A)&":$A"&ROW(A:A))),1,0)=1)

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Any alternate formula is also appreciated. Here is some a dummy excel sheet to try on but the formula applied is countifs which i tried the first time then moved on to sumproduct.

Hope someone could help. Thank you
Nila 02
Nila 02
1 Solution
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
When you use the reference like 'Current Month'!$A:BJ within the index part, the index part evaluates 1048576 rows and returns the same no. of values and compare them all with the string you are trying to compare them with.
Instead of using the whole column reference, limit the reference to max possible rows something like 'Current Month'!$A2:BJ5000 or something. Do this for all the range references in the formula.
Nila 02Author Commented:
Hi Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj),

     Thanks for the reply. I will try and get back if its working.

Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Strange that you have managed to get the exact same formula as provided in a different question for a different member.

Excel formula to only work on filtered data Visible data only
One of two explanations:

1) This is college work, this could explain the comment
Pivot table is not what i m looking for as for this project they need us to use excel formula to calculate.
and you have shared/copied another student's work.

2) You have created another member profile. Multiple profiles is not dis-allowed on EE but is not encouraged.
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