Xbox One wireless controller and Xbox 360 wireless controller for PC power requirements

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I have been reading about these controllers. As to use power to transmit is there any indication on how much power is required from the USB ports. I don't think my ports are powered ports.


Is something like this necessary?

Could they work in standard USB 2 ports - non powered ports?

How much power should they draw.


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System Architect
Since they are wireless, why would they use power from the USB? The wireless adapter uses minimal power so it should be ok.

If they are wired, there are no unpowered ports on Motherboards, meaning that they should be able to provide the minimum 500mA of the USB standard. That is enough to power the wired xbox 360 controller.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
>>  I don't think my ports are powered ports.

They are.  

You'll still have to swap the batteries in your controllers every so often if you use AA batteries.  If you've got the rechargeable batteries in them you can plug the controller into one of the USB ports and have it charged there.
Panagiotis ToumpaniarisSystem Architect

Both answered the question.

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