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I have a client that is getting the bsod anytime they try to download email in Office 365.  it's bombing out with a ndis.sys indicator.  I've updated firmware.  all win 7 updates current.   i've updated nic drivers.  i've changed nics, i've reloaded office 365 from scratch.  i've rolled the nic drives back.  ive had win 7 ck for corrupt files.  i've sone system restore to before this began occuring.  This is a Dell 7000 series workstation, very generic,  8g win 7 pro.  it is on a simple domain.  the ONLY app that bombs is Outlook.  the rest of the office apps are fine, it connects to the domain fine, no errors, it stays on the internet all day with a fast connection.  Only outlook issue.  Help
Tim LiversMCSEAsked:
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Gopi RajuSystem EngineerCommented:
Try booting the computer into safe mode with networking and access outlook then see if you can copy the PST file to make a backup.
If you can successfully make the backup, then try running SCANPST again on the original data file and see if you can get it cleaned up.
Verify the size of the mailbox and PST file if it too large try deleting unnecessary attachments and mails.
Also see if there is a dump file created when BSOD happened, it will be in C:\Windows\minidump and then analyze it with WinDBG tool to get know what is causing the issue.
If you are not able to analyze it just attach the dump file, so i can do that for you.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In addition to verifying the email as suggested above, also do the following:

Make a new, test, Windows User Profile (Account). Log into the new Windows Account, set up Outlook and test. Does it still crash?
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
i'm going back to that plant on Saturaday when not in production.  never thought of the pst file possibly being flakey.  was only considering hardware as the ndis issue pointed toward hardware to me.  I will try these suggestions.  thx!
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RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Is it possible to Attach .dmp file,
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
i have remote access to the workstation but will be after hours before i can look for the dump.  thx
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
I have the last dump file.  how do i share it with those that would like to see it?
Gopi RajuSystem EngineerCommented:
You can attach the file while you are updating the post from "Attach File".
See the attached screenshot/Capture.JPG
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:

See:  for the possible hardware errors causing this.

I suggest you run MEMTEST86.EXE from a bootable USB key and test memory thoroughly.
Gopi RajuSystem EngineerCommented:
Verified the dump files and found that BSOD is happening due to the fwpkclnt.sys module.
It is a OS system file.
There could be many reasons for this module corruption like incompatible driver installations, Windows Registry corruption, Virus or Malware infection, Hardware failures/conflicts.
So try checking the below on the machine,
1. Go to the Device Manager and see if any device is showing with error or warning.
2. Run driver updates on the machine from manufacturer website like Dell Command update for Dell machines, and Lenovo solution center for Lenovo like that.
3. Run Hardware Diagnostics and check if any hardware failure.
4. Run Av scans and clear threats.
did you install or change any hardware or software recently ?
if yes - try rolling back to the previous state
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
Gopi Raju - have done all that prior to posting here.   Would a Win 7 repair from Dell install dvd repair/replace this sys file?

Nobus - no hardware added to this machine since build at Dell until i tried another nic Monday to see if the ndis.sys would update with new hardware.  made no difference and i rolled back to original intel onboard nic.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Would a Win 7 repair from Dell install dvd repair/replace this sys file?   <-- If this is a legitimate file for your system, Repair Install would replace it, yes.
Gopi RajuSystem EngineerCommented:
Pls Run the Full Dell Hardware Diagnostics from the Dell website
If it is still failing try re-creating the outlook profile and user profile.
Windows repair you can perform as final fix if none of the above fix the issue.

RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
This can happen because of hardware problem (RAM). try to replace RAM Modules and retest.
(overclocking, incorrect voltages, incorrect BIOS settings, memory failure)
it can also happen because of 3rd party (non Microsoft ) drivers that overwrite their allocated memory space and corrupt the other drivers data in memory.

start command prompt as admin, then run the command and post the result.
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
ok.  thx.  i'll log on after hours and give these a shot.
i also asked about software changes - how about it?
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
Nobus - sorry, didn't catch software question.  that i can't answer.  this workstation is used for extensive graphics label design and printing for a venison processing plant that produces a varity of processed meat products.  they produce thier own labels and this machine designs/modifies them and then sends them to print.  they have bar code creator/integrator, adobe illustrator, all the MS pub/layout software etc that runs constantly.  it all runs under win 7 pro and has uneventfully for about 18 mo on this machine.  this bsod began about 3 wks ago out of the blue(per office mgr, daughter of owner) and only in outlook.  i maintain thier domain network and hardware integration.  apps are not my strength, but i do need to get this bsod resolved, without need of a clean install if at all possibe.
i take it there are restrictions regarding user install of softwares?
if so, the problem can come from os or software updates
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
The only restriction for app installation on this workstation is Malwarebytes and Vipre Enterprise antivirus/antimalware/ransomeware scan for bad guys before installation.  it's pretty lax
i have no clear answer for you, but you can check if the cpu, or video overheats  with speedfan
Tim LiversMCSEAuthor Commented:
i intend to spend much of tomorrow afternoon on site with all these suggestions in hand.  thank you.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are very welcome and I was happy to help.
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