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BSOD Outlook 365

I have a client that is getting the bsod anytime they try to download email in Office 365.  it's bombing out with a ndis.sys indicator.  I've updated firmware.  all win 7 updates current.   i've updated nic drivers.  i've changed nics, i've reloaded office 365 from scratch.  i've rolled the nic drives back.  ive had win 7 ck for corrupt files.  i've sone system restore to before this began occuring.  This is a Dell 7000 series workstation, very generic,  8g win 7 pro.  it is on a simple domain.  the ONLY app that bombs is Outlook.  the rest of the office apps are fine, it connects to the domain fine, no errors, it stays on the internet all day with a fast connection.  Only outlook issue.  Help
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