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Hello Experts, when I right click an object in Active Directory & select "Move" it doesn't show up in new container.  But if i search i can find it, i just can see it took select it with doing a search.  Totally confused.
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Unless it's throwing an error, the move process would have completed and the object would have moved. Just to check can you drag and drop the object rather than right click and move, are you able to see them?

Also, create a new container and move a object to it, this will help you to easily identify whether the object been moved to the test container.


Hello Radhakrishnan, thank you for your comment.  You are correct, when right clicking and selecting move, i do get message move was successful, however it doesn't show up in the container it was moved too.  I'll try your other suggestions as well & post back the results.
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior
Have you simply tried to refresh target ou to which object was moved?

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