My program will not run on Windows 10 unless Run as Administrator is ues

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I have a program created using C++ that runs fine on all Windows 7 computers. But the application crashes on Windows 10 computers unless they select "Run as Administrator". This is a serious issue when distributing my software. Is there any way programmatically to allow the program to run in this hostile environment?
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You need to change the program so that it is not writing to the Registry and not writing to Program Files and only using the User's folders to write to. Those are the most common reasons.

It is your issue and not a Windows 10 issue. Windows 10 has just gotten more secure and there is no end to that one.
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There shouldn't be a difference between OS' here. Please download and start procmon from microsoft and monitor our system while executing as standard user. Filter the output for "access denied" and you'll see why that happens.
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It should be the UAC which plays a part here on Win10, if it was working fine in Win 7 without run as.

You can edit the program shortcut to run it as administrator as per (

But for all users to work this app in Windows 10, you have to find out which folder or file is getting blocked or what permission it needed extra using some tools like procmon and set permission accordingly. If its your in-house application, its good to make the application compatible for Win10 and perform proper testing on the right OS before deploying.

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