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I am trying to do something similar to this. Is the ZIP file mentioned in the solution still available?

Brian Dumas
Brian Dumas asked
I had this question after viewing Overlay a dialog box from a dll.
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Try sending the expert a message to see if he can still get you the zip file.

 You can also write a new question giving details.
Hey Brian! Wow, this certainly brought back some memories I can tell you!  I searched through all my notes and code samples and eventually found what you refer to; I have thus added a link to a zip file showing you how to do this, along with an explanation, in the original question you linked to above.  I hope this helps :)
Hey mrwad99,
I don't see the link.
I think there is a way to get the files stored in EE. I'll look into that and update the original question. Having stale links is very frustrating to people searching through the PAQ.

Hey phoffric, the link is on the original question, here: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/25752850/Overlay-a-dialog-box-from-a-dll.html :)
link will only remain valid for seven days from today!)
I thought the author of this question was having trouble getting the zip file because of the comment.

Yes, I believe he was.  That's why I uploaded the file to the question to be stored on EE's servers instead of a third party site like yousendit :)
I bet finding that zip took awhile.  :)

Hah, it was actually in a word document that I journal everything I learn in.  Over the years it has grown to well over 1000 pages...and there's still more to learn :D
Wow, please send it to me. :)
I am aware of the kind of challenging questions you always asked.

Hah, I am sure by your standards that you already know everything I've written down; you answered a good fair few of my questions yourself after all :D
I wish I already knew everything I answered.
Brian DumasSenior Software Engineer


Thank you so much for finding it and re-posting it.