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Pinning frequently used folders on File Explorer Taskbar icon

We currently have a user that is unable to add anything to pinned items under the file explorer pin on the task bar. The user is currently using a roaming profile and states that the issue follows him to different machines when logging in. We have tried multiple fixes in the registry along with clearing AutomaticDestination and CustomDestinations in appdata with no luck. I was able to login with my account and one other and confirm this functionality works fine on other users.

This is Windows 7 Enterprise.
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The re-creation of the profile seemed to lend itself towards fixing the issue.  However, we did need to make some registry changes and aren't sure exactly which one fixed it.  Sorry to be so vague...
Probably re-creating the Windows played the biggest part because you could do this with other machines. I cannot comment on the registry changes as I do not have to use the registry to manage Windows.
Thank you and I was happy to help.