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Can I use linked mailboxes with out a resource forest

Sid_F asked
I have a 2013 exchange server in Forest A. I have a two way trust with forest B. Can I simply supply the users in Forest B with a linked mailbox in Forest A? or do I need a resource forest? is there anything else I need in addition? thanks.
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Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior

Yes you can. As your Exchange resides in forest a you can name it some sort of resource forest. You would need to create disabled accounts for your users in forest a.
You can read some more detailed steps on how to proceed with creating linked mailboxes here:


Is there a lint on the number domains that can be trusted to utilise linked mailboxes do you know.
ICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior
Here you have official MS document regarding AD limitations including trusts:
So it looks like there is no limit on that, but there are some other limits to consider.