VMware 6, changing VM MAC address to MAC address of physical machine

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I did a P2V on a server and the software installed on the server is keyed to the MAC address of the physical machine.  So, thinking myself clever, I decided the change the MAC address of the VM to that of the physical machine.  Alas, I cannot!

I'm using the client to access my vcenter and then I edit the settings for the NIC and click the manual radio button for the MAC.  When I do, it repopulates with 00:50:56.  So, I paste in my MAC address from my physical machine and try to apply that and I get the message "The MAC address entered is invalid.  Enter a different MAC address of choose a different assignment method."

I did read that I can do this by editing the VMX file but I wanted to post here first and get guidance.

Can I set the V-NIC to the same MAC address of an old physical machine that is never coming back again?

IF yes, how?


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You may need to change vSwitch settings to allow spoofing
What you tried to change the MAC address setting within the guest OS? Like Hancock mention you would need to allow spoofing on the vswitch to allow this if it falls in line with your companies security guide lines

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