Designing Active Directory OU's and GPO's

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I have 3 DC's Windows Server Datacenter 2016 and about 80 other servers with a mix of OS's. Windows 2008 R2, 2012, and 2016. I'm configuring a patch managment solution to deploy Windows updates. I'm lookng for the best way to set up my Servers in their OU's and GPO's. I will need an OU for critical and one OU for non-critical servers.

Should I have all servers with different OS's in one OU with one GPO or should I have separate OU's for each servers OS's?

What is the best practice?

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OU organization is very subjective, so I don't think there is a singular "best practice" for you to follow.

With that said, OUs usually should map to some logical organization map.  Whether that means departments, or locations, or other business groupings.

I usually would *NOT* do OUs for patch rings, nor for OSes. Those are technical groupings, not business groupings.  Security groups and WMI filters are better suited for handling such things.
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In addition to the above, proper AD sites and subnet configuration also means that you can target based on site on an AD site instead of an OU

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