Renew SSL Cert for Remote Desktop Gateway (Server 2008 R2)

SSL Cert for on Remote Desktop Gateway (Server 2008 R2) is about to expire in a month.
Renew SSL Cert on Godaddy.
What type of server file do I download from Godaddy?  
I assume it is IIS file type.
Keep seeing on the forum that I need to convert it the crt file on Goddady to a pfx.
How do renew the SSL Cert on the Remote Desktop Gateway?
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paullukeAuthor Commented:
Coworker showed me that you can renewal the SSL Cert by using the Complete the Certificate Request in IIS > SSL Certificates.
(Download the IIS file version from Godaddy)
This allows you to renewal the existing SSL Cert and not have to create a new one.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Probably you can try this, it should be similar for Windows IIS
Windows didn’t like that the GoDaddy auto-renewal was using the same private key. I generated a new certificate request for the FQDN, and I did it in IIS Manager, not in Certlm.

I submitted the CSR it generated (2048bit) and got a new certificate issued. I downloaded the IIS one, then imported it into Certificates - Local Computer > Personal in certlm. I could then export it by itself to a pfx file (I did export the private key, did not delete the private key, and did export all extended properties).

This made a pfx file I could set as the certificate for each item in the Remote Desktop > Deployment Properties  > Certificates window of Server Manager. Note that I had to “Select Existing Certificate” select the pfx from the file path and enter the password, and clicked Apply four separate times.

Screen shots in
paullukeAuthor Commented:
Issue was resolved.
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