Renew SSL Cert for Remote Desktop Gateway (Server 2008 R2)

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SSL Cert for on Remote Desktop Gateway (Server 2008 R2) is about to expire in a month.
Renew SSL Cert on Godaddy.
What type of server file do I download from Godaddy?  
I assume it is IIS file type.
Keep seeing on the forum that I need to convert it the crt file on Goddady to a pfx.
How do renew the SSL Cert on the Remote Desktop Gateway?
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Probably you can try this, it should be similar for Windows IIS
Windows didn’t like that the GoDaddy auto-renewal was using the same private key. I generated a new certificate request for the FQDN, and I did it in IIS Manager, not in Certlm.

I submitted the CSR it generated (2048bit) and got a new certificate issued. I downloaded the IIS one, then imported it into Certificates - Local Computer > Personal in certlm. I could then export it by itself to a pfx file (I did export the private key, did not delete the private key, and did export all extended properties).

This made a pfx file I could set as the certificate for each item in the Remote Desktop > Deployment Properties  > Certificates window of Server Manager. Note that I had to “Select Existing Certificate” select the pfx from the file path and enter the password, and clicked Apply four separate times.

Screen shots in
Coworker showed me that you can renewal the SSL Cert by using the Complete the Certificate Request in IIS > SSL Certificates.
(Download the IIS file version from Godaddy)
This allows you to renewal the existing SSL Cert and not have to create a new one.


Issue was resolved.

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