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No Access control allow origin issue - Jquery

Jeremy Leys
Jeremy Leys asked
General summary

In jquery I'm trying to post the form values into Google Spreadsheet, my values are posting fine to the google doc, but I'm having an issue in displaying the success message or redirect to a page, the error says  "Failed to load  No ''Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header is present on the requested resource"

Debugging results:
Tried to change the dataType to JSONP or plain/html no luck or is there anything that we need to do it on the server.

  cache: false,
  crossDomain: true,
  url: "https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqmqeUyQKPR4gncxSiM4rqnQq34h87c9J-XpHK1DF6n9f9_w/formResponse",
  data: {"entry.92445343": firstname, "entry.360980429": lastname, "entry.1982457434": receiptnumber,
  "entry.776257995": storelocator, "entry.1724875707": email, "entry.295248778": phone,
  "entry.2080536869": terms, "entry.764222432": age, "entry.495317103": signup },
  type: "POST",
  dataType: "xml",
      success: function (response) {
             if (response.d == true) {
                  alert("You will now be redirected.");
                  window.location = "//www.aspsnippets.com/";
          failure: function (response) {

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Help appreciated
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Software Team Lead
it seems to be a cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issue.

you got to add the header in your IIS.

add the option highlighted above, either to add its value as "*" or "docs.google.com"
Jeremy LeysTechnical Lead


Thank you, this is a good solution