Folder Redirection - Offline Files to just one network folder

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We have Folder Redirection set to the user's home drive:

Path in Active Directory for the home drive:

Folders being redirected:
My Documents

I want to have offline files enabled (which it is by default) but only for the Desktop and let the users decide which folder under My Documents to make available offline by right clicking on the folder and selecting the offline option.

My attempted fix:

I made a change to our folder redirection group policy:

User Configuration > Admin Templates > Network > Offline Files

Changed "Adminstratively assigned offline files" to:

Note: the prior path was:

I also set the CSC FormatDatabase reg key to 1 and rebooted.

However, the result is still the same.  The entire home drive is being offlined.

How do I get it so that only the Desktop is offlined?
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Director of Information Technology
I personally never seen a setting in GP that can control what redirected folders sync for offline and what ones are just kept online.

I have seen people post references to  third party apps.  
I think one was SureSync. I think John Hurst was the one the posted it.
Tom CieslikIT Engineer
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It is not possible to do what you want.
Folder redirection Policy template is predefined to select folders from template and setup redirection and that template is using in GPO, so because you can use it one you can't split template by 2 different settings
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There are several points where the setting has to be confirmed.
First on the server where the share is, the option for offline access has to be set there, I.e, the share setting /coaches allowing data within to be available offline. It is not granular on the server it is either aváilable or not.

Then on each system offline folder access needs to be available.

And finally, each user can as you ask set whether and which folders should be available offline..

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