Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller Time is off

My Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller Time is always ahead by 5 minutes and though I have tried several times to manually adjust it back, it always goes back ahead by 5 minutes. All domain members since with it and therefore they all have the wrong time.
nimocanICT ManagerAsked:
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Iamthecreator OMConnect With a Mentor Administrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
I had the same issue.
I changed the time server from windows.ntp to
Powershell as admin, run the following commands

w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:MANUAL
Stop-Service w32time
Start-Service w32time

Its a pool of NTP servers and you can manually specify different servers
w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:”” /syncfromflags:MANUAL
Just keep adding them with a space in between them.
nimocanICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have run the commands. How do I check which time server is currently actively in use?
Is there a difference between and and In other words doesn't specifying cover the other 2?
Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Yes it covers the POOL of time servers.
To check status
 w32tm /query /status /verbose
nimocanICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Your solution worked. Thanks
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