Migrating Site Collection from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online

I have some tools created using Infopath forms and SharePoint Designer workflows in SharePoint 2010 which I need to migrate to SharePoint Online. I want to know if my tools will retain the full functionality of both the forms and SharePoint Designer workflows after the migration.
nimocanICT ManagerAsked:
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Tim EdwardsConnect With a Mentor IT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
You can also download a trail version of sharegate, this will allow you to run a migration report that will tell you where you may run into issues.
Ajit SinghCommented:
Check if this article point you i.e. SharePoint On Premises to SharePoint Online Office 365 Migration:
nimocanICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The article is explaining how to do the migration. My question was on whether I would retain all previous functionality of my SharePoint 2010 created tools in the SharePoint Online environment.
Ajit SinghCommented:
Here’s a general steps which may guide you:

Get the list form template from SharePoint 2010
Then, extract the XSN as a CAB, then modify the manifest.xsf updating to use new URLs and IDs
Package back up the files as an XSN
Publish the list form template to the destination
At last - Test
nimocanICT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I will try out Sharegate. Thanks for the helpful solution.
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