What do I need to do to convert my account to an administrator account?

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I have ben given a PC from work that is no longer used. It's a good machine (i5) and I want to use it in my home office. Trouble is that it's still configured for office use. I can get passwords etc. if I need to from the company that manages our office network but I am wondering if there's an easy way to convert my login to an administrator login, or at least to figure out what the Administrator login Id is so I can make the changes. I'd rather not have to reload Windows and all the software.

If it helps identify the setup I currently have, when I go in to System it says "some settings are managed by your organisation"
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
Whoever gave you the PC should be able to create an account that gives you administrative permission.  Indeed, I'm surprised you were given a work computer that wasn't completely wiped of any sensitive data first.
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You cannot convert your account to admin account until and unless you already have access to one of administrator account.

there must be local administrator account to whom which you don't have access.

You need to crack the password with third party tool to recover password. and then only you can convert the account. \

Now question is if can crack the admin password why I require my profile account ? only for data.
you cannot assign yourself admin for basic use account.


The  only other option is to backup your data and install fresh OS.



The company I work for only had 5 PC's but they've now downsized to 3 so they've given me two of them. Nothing sensitive on them that I don't have access to at work anyway.  We use an external company to manage our network so I will get the admin password and logon from them but I was hoping there was an easier way without having to bother them. That will be easier than reloading Windows I am sure.

Thanks again for your help
Ajay ChananaMCSE-2003/08|RHCSA| VCP5/6 |vExpert2018
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Windows 10 provide 2 type of account - Administrator and standard.

Please find the below step to cover the account type.

Press windows + i   -> Click Accounts -> click Family and other people -> Under  other ppl , select your user account and click change account type.

Other way,
in windows Run - type   netplwiz , press enter
it  will open user accounts, select the account , click properties and change the account type to administrator.

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