Excel Voting

I would like to create a macro that reads and writes to the legends votes tab.

Voting Tab

1. Populates priorities from legends votes tab one at a time.
2. When user clicks submit vote the record is counted and saved back to the "legends votes tab" under the corresponding row in the votes column as one vote.  The next two records are compared for voting until no more comparisons are left.


Legend Votes Tab lists all priorities.

Every Priority needs to be voted against each priority.

1 vs 2 all the way to 16
2 vs 3 all the way to 16
3 vs 4 all the way to 16

At the end I should be able to determine the top priorities based on votes.
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Neil FlemingConnect With a Mentor Independent consultantCommented:
Try the attached file.

All the code is in the module for the "Voting worksheet".

Basically it will restart if you DOUBLE-CLICK the "restart" button.

Otherwise select either left or right box. Cell will light up. Hit "vote" (single click) and the comparison cycles to the next one.

The code makes use of some "named ranges" ("cLeft","cRight","cSubmit", and "cStart". It also uses the "code module" names of the worksheets, which I changed to "wVoting" and "wLegendVotes"

The code assumes there is only ever a maximum of one blank line between legend entries, and stops if it encounters 2 blank rows. So you are not restricted to the 16 possible votes in your sample.

Hope this helps.
MPDenverAuthor Commented:
This is great thank you could you please add a function to email the results to a person when complete
Neil FlemingIndependent consultantCommented:
Glad it works. If you want an email function, however, may I respectfully suggest you ask a second question specifying what you need, rather than tack an entirely different question onto your first one?
MPDenverAuthor Commented:
Great Work
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