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How to retrieve date between two dates.

I have a query below, when the user enters on form1

10/1/2017       [text63] which is the earliest date
10/31/2017     [text65] which is the latest date

The results do not include 10/31 they only show up to 10/30.

What is the syntax to be used to include all rows that are from one to to and including another date?

WHERE (((tblClaims.InvoiceSentDate) Between [Forms]![form1]![text63] And [Forms]![form1]![text65]) AND ((Customers.Company)='USAA INSURANCE COMPANY')) OR (((Customers.Company)="Schwartz Law Firm, PC")) OR (((Customers.Company)="Garan, Lucow, Miller, PC"));
Microsoft Access

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