powershell - ActiveDirectory - get the fax number of a speciic user and put it into a variable

I'm struggeling with something which should be easy as that....

Function GetItemFromAdUser($strUser,$strItem) {
                $strVariable = Get-ADUser -filter "Name -like '$strUser'" -properties $strItem | Expand $strItem

$Fax = GetItemFromAdUser('fvandecan" "fax")

but nothing in Fax.... (neither in city etc...)
Where is my mistake?
François VDCIcT service DeskAsked:
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Do yourself a favor and follow the PS naming conventions from the very beginning, that is, <Verb>-<Noun>, and use only Verbs from the cmdlet Get-Verb. You can/should add your own prefix in front of the noun, so that it's easier to see whether you're using a default cmdlet or something of your own.
That said:
* Your function doesn't generate any pipeline output.
* You're working with PowerShell, not a programming language, so you call functions and cmdlets (ideally) using named arguments.
* Opening and closing quotes in your arguments don't match.
* You should use SamAccountName to find AD users; it's unique.
Try it like this for starters:
Function Get-FVDCADAttributeFromUser($SamAccountName, $Attribute) {
	Get-ADUser -Filter "SamAccountName -like '$SamAccountName'" -Properties $Attribute | Select-Object -ExpandProperty $Attribute

$Fax = Get-FVDCADAttributeFromUser -SamAccountName "fvandecan" -Attribute "fax"

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