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Is it possible to use a ListObject in Excel as a Table to run SQL queries against?

I mean normal SQL such as, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements.

I can run SQL statements on an Access database table via VBA and ADO. So my question is, is it possible to substitute an Excel ListObject in place of the Access Table?

If yes, then please can you direct me to any resources?

(I have Googled and drawn a blank. I'm wondering if the above can't be done. If so, why?)

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As far as I know this isn't possible, not even sure you can refer to the named range associated with a listobject but I'll need to check that.
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Not sure but see if you are asking for this - https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/839901/Excel-and-VBA-Query-ListObject-Directly <nopt>


Pawan, no. That technique is not SQL. It's VBA manipulating the object directly.
Norie, I have since learned that it is NOT possible to run SQL against a ListObject.

I shall close the question.

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