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How to keep an Access form visible but in the background

So I’m upgrading my company’s software from Access 2003 to 2016. Programmatically everything is working fine. The only issue is that we will go blind staring at the bright white background that can not be changed in 2016.

So I created a new form with a dark gray background that fills the screen, does nothing, and will solve all our problems. Only problem, if you click on this form in the background it comes to the foreground and covers up the functional forms or reports that we need to use.  I don't want to make other forms pop ups because I want to be able to have multiple forms open at the same time and go back an forth between them,

Is there some way of always keeping this form in the background, or making the entire form locked so that it can’t be clicked on? Or does anyone have any other solution to the bright white background that doesn’t require wearing sunglasses all day long? I don’t mind if the screen flickers for a second if it has to cycle thru all the open forms, I just need a solution.
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