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Getting an access denied message when trying to manually publish a CRL in AD CS

Hello Certificate Experts,

I’m having an issue publishing the CRL from my enterprise certificate authority.  When I go to manually publish the CRL, I get the following access denied message:
The configurations on the enterprise CA for the CRL distribution point are as follows:
The enterprise certificate authority also hosts the web page for the CRL.  The folder for the web page is on the D drive of the server and it is named pki.  The share and NTFS permissions for this folder are as follows:

Share permissions:

NTFS Permissions:

Everything I have read states that the computer account of the CA needs to have the permissions listed above.  The computer name is XXXX-SUBCA1.  I'm hoping another set of eyes can see what I'm missing.

Thanks for your help.
* Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)Active Directory

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