StorageCraft ImageManager Warning and Errors

I have a client running  4 virtual servers on 2 separate hosts (1 VMWare, 1 HyperV).
All 4 guest machines backup to a NAS, and I use ImageManager to repliate backups to G drive, which is a USB drive. There are 2 USB drives, and they get rotated and taken offsite.

I'm not very skilled in ShadowProtect and please bare with me.
A couple of weeks back, 2 of the mobile USB drives are getting full, so I erased them one by one to let ImageManager resync the backup, and I started getting warnings and errors in ImageManager on all 4 backups, I'm unsure if the issue is in the backup files in the NAS drive or on the USB drives and I'm trying to understand why and obviously concerned if the backups are still valid.

Is there an elegant way to verify the backups and figure out the reason for the attached warnings or errors and what caused it and how to resovle them.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Utshab MukherjeeConnect With a Mentor Sr.System Admin:Apps4RentCommented:
Hi Jack,

It seems that the incremental backup chain might have broken.

So fire new base backup for all 4 VMs. Then setup a new schedule for daily incrementals.

Utshab Mukherjee
Philip ElderConnect With a Mentor Technical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
What's the lockout window for the backups to be kept before ImageManager starts deleting them?

Wait that length of time and the warnings should go away. It sounds like it is saying that it can't remove anything because the current set of files fall within the KEEP window.
Jack-NovatecDirectorAuthor Commented:
I have been waiting for a while, so best option I believe is to start a full backup from scratch.
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