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My own music - What are the new exposure networks?

I have addressed this a little already.
I have completed my audio/video upload site. I am not going to go public, because of the $500 / hr legal fees of all the attorneys I'll need to pay to draft up TOS and copyright needs for users and their music, and safety for my site being the forum for violations.

So, the months of questions there have come full circle, Thanks

But, I have seen comments here and there on the net about nobodies getting serious exposure for their music. What is the best way to do this for my music? My site was not for my music, but anybody's uploads..

My music is not recorded, but could be soon. I don't have a band. I'm quite happy being a loner.
I get the impression that there are forums out there for young people to listen to new music coming out, where artists can add their music to a queue of sorts for playback to listeners?
Are there real ways to advance new music?

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Checkout Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com) and Mixcloud (https://www.mixcloud.com/)
and of course, go where the people are, Facebook.

Of course playing gigs is the best way to get people to hear your music, but since you wrote you didn't have a band.
Try online jamming, for example through sofa sessions (http://www.sofasession.com/)

I hope this helps you getting your music out there, and in case you ever make it big, remember me ;-)
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