Comparng excel workbook with many excel workbook(that are already there in my C: Drive)

I want to compare one excel workbook with many excel workbook and show out the matched parameters.Please help me out of this. I will be so thankful to you.
Abhishek DahakeAsked:
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Sham HaqueSenior SAP CRM ConsultantCommented:
There is a standard MS tool called Spreadsheet Compare for this task - check if this works for you:
Spreadsheet Compare
Abhishek DahakeAuthor Commented:
Please help me out
Lyubomir DimitrovReporting & Excel SupportCommented:

can you be a bit more specific? Like give some examples perhaps. Generally if you have a workbook you can make it go to a folder/folders/subfolders and check the names, but i am not sure this is what you are asking.

good luck,
Sham HaqueSenior SAP CRM ConsultantCommented:
neglected - only answer offering a solutiion
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