help me understand the shell script

help me to understand the below lines in below shell script..

Why we need to use virtualenv "$ANSIBLE_ROOT" .... and what is the use of virtualenv here ....

and how activate and deactivate worked ...i am bit confused how activate and deactivate keywords worked here..
. "$ANSIBLE_ROOT/bin/activate"

and also how pip works with -i option...i.e. below

pip install docker-compose==1.15.0 -i

#!/usr/bin/env sh

scl enable python27 bash <<!
set -e
export https_proxy=
if [ ! -d "$ANSIBLE_ROOT/bin" ]
    virtualenv "$ANSIBLE_ROOT"
    . "$ANSIBLE_ROOT/bin/activate"
    echo "Installing latest version of ansible"
    pip install ansible -i
    pip install docker-py -i
    pip install docker-compose==1.15.0 -i

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BharathKumarRaju DasaraRajuDevops EngineerAsked:
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Swadhin Ray Commented:
Never used this but " virtualenv " command is usually used to create an isolated virtual environment on any instance.
Hope this below link will help you to understand more.
Let other experts also comment on this :

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And "i" stands for ignore the installed packages (reinstalling instead).

here is the link for getting all PIP related details:

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BharathKumarRaju DasaraRajuDevops EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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