Dell Ultrasharp 24inch Monitor U2417H

Hi All,

I have the above two monitors which by all account you can daisy chain? I have a dell dock which has a mini display port going from it to the monitor with the standard display port attached to it I then have a display port cable going from one monitor to  the next from the display in to the display port out on the other monitor however I keep getting duplicate screens on either. I'm using windows 7 O.S & a dell laptop latitude. I've tried the onboard configs on both monitors such as mst/input of & on with no success can anyone help?
MarK PercYI.T AssistantAsked:
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What resolutions are you using?
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
With only one port on computer or docking station all you can get is duplicate screen.
If you want to use extended screen feature you must connect second monitor separately to second port on computer or docking station.
There is no way that on single DP cable you'll get 2 separate streaming for 2 separate monitors.

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MarK PercYI.T AssistantAuthor Commented:
Hi Tom

Thank you for your response i have two monitors with two display port connectors connecting them both from each monitor.
However i'm still getting duplicate screens.

Thank you
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RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Is it a Windows 7 Pro ?
1) Does your graphics card support dual display? (I bet this is yes)
2) Have you tried connecting directly to your laptop and seeing what happens?
3) I assume your laptop supports DisplayPort 1.2?
4) What resolution is on the first monitor?
5) Did you check to see if all of the needed drivers work on Windows 7?
MarK PercYI.T AssistantAuthor Commented:
Hi rock

1)Yes its a intel HD graphics 520
2)Yes i already have a display port end into the 1st monitor & a mini display port going into the dock.& yes that works
3)Ye sit does
4)1920 x 1080
5)Yes i did

Thank you by the way
MarK PercYI.T AssistantAuthor Commented:
Hi Ramin its windows 7 enterprise
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Make sure to Enable "MST" and DP 1.2 in Both monitor settings.
I would contact Dell. There is a shot that they did not implement something correctly as far as the dock goes.

If the dock also has a full sized DP port, I would try that instead of the mini.
MarK PercYI.T AssistantAuthor Commented:
Hi Rock,

The dock hasn't got a full display port.

Thank you
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
it looks like something like this:

RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
With this configuration it must work.

From Dell dock Mini-DisplayPort out --> mDP to DP cable --> to #1 monitor DP in (MST/DisplayPort 1.2 Enabled)

from #1 monitor DP out --> DP to DP cable --> #2 monitor DP in (MST/DisplayPort 1.2 Disabled)
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
As I said, If computer has only one DP then it's not possible to get Extended desktop on both monitors. User have connected One monitor to computer then second monitor to first monitor as a chain. This configuration can give him only duplicated screen. No more other questions from author.
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