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Keith Faiers

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Canon IPF605 printhead error

I have the following printer
Canon Imageprograf IPF605
Serial no. AALX9254
Firmware 1.07

The printer had the error code E161-403E so I purchased a new printhead and fitted as per canon instructions. Immediately after fitting the displayed instruction says to close top cover, this I do but then presents another error message saying’ Please open top cover and replace printhead’
Obviously this is extremely frustrating as I have just fitted a brand new canon printhead, can you help asap please?
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Dr. Klahn

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Keith Faiers


Thank you Dr. Klahn.
Your comments are most welcome. I was leaning toward the fact that the issue was elsewhere and there appears to be a lot of posts and videos regarding the careful cleaning of these print-heads so I guess from a cost point of view that seems the best way forward.
Thank you again
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