Canon IPF605 printhead error

Keith Faiers
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I have the following printer
Canon Imageprograf IPF605
Serial no. AALX9254
Firmware 1.07

The printer had the error code E161-403E so I purchased a new printhead and fitted as per canon instructions. Immediately after fitting the displayed instruction says to close top cover, this I do but then presents another error message saying’ Please open top cover and replace printhead’
Obviously this is extremely frustrating as I have just fitted a brand new canon printhead, can you help asap please?
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Principal Software Engineer
I've seen this problem twice over the last several years.  It's very unlikely you got a bad replacement printhead so the problem is somewhere else.

In the first case, either the contacts in the printhead carrier were bad or the cable to the printhead carrier was bad.  Replacing the carrier and cable (done by a Canon tech) solved the issue.

In the second case, replacing the carrier and cable didn't solve the problem.  The printer's mainboard had failed (presumably the line drivers for the printhead) and it was necessary to replace the motherboard.  Again, that was done by a Canon tech.

About all that can be done by an end user is to carefully clean the printhead contacts inside the printhead carrier with a swab dampened with a bit of isopropyl alcohol.  Then blot the contacts dry with another swab and reinstall the printhead.  If that doesn't solve the problem, I'd advise calling in a Canon service rep as they've been trained on these printers.  It will be expensive, but it's an expensive printer.


Thank you Dr. Klahn.
Your comments are most welcome. I was leaning toward the fact that the issue was elsewhere and there appears to be a lot of posts and videos regarding the careful cleaning of these print-heads so I guess from a cost point of view that seems the best way forward.
Thank you again
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

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