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Hi Guys,

In MS Exchange 2013, is there a setting that one could archive / restore every single e-mail that is received by the server, for example in a separate archive folder?  Perhaps as a flat file?

For example:  Mails are sometimes deleted by a user or rejected by the system for some reason, and we would like to be able to retrieve those e-mails from somewhere?

Any such options available, or do we have to look at a 3rd party solution?
Rupert EghardtProgrammerAsked:
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Radhakrishnan RConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical LeadCommented:

Yes, it's possible. Refer this article and follow the 2nd part "Step 2: Search for and recover missing items". You need user name and keyword etc..

If this doesn't work then you may need to look for some 3rd party tools (there are plenty).
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