I have the ANS1076E Error on TSM which should not be present

Hi everyone:
i have  my dsm.opt on TSM 6.4 Configured to backup the following path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL

But the backup is failing with this error:

ANS1076E The specified directory path 'C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL' could not be found.

My question is: Why the tsm client is searching the file on : C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient if the dsm.opt is pointing to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL

Thanks in advance.
Santiago videlaAsked:
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You should enclose the path in double  quotes because it contains spaces.
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
             This is how i got the line on the dsm.opt

INCLUDE.ARCHIVE "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\*"

It is doubled quoted.
Have these quotes always been there or did you add them recently? In the latter case, did you restart the scheduler service?
It could also be that the dsm.opt file (or at least the include line in question) is corrupt. Did you perhaps copy and paste it from somewhere else? In this case I’d suggest writing it new, this time “by hand”.
Sorry for the stupid question: Does the concerned path actually exist?
If nothing of the above helps I fear that I’m at a loss, somehow ...
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Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Wool,  The quotes has been always there.  the dsm.opt file was created from scratch (i reinstalled the client) and the path actually exist.

My doubt is why  tsm is going to  this path:

C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL
 (which looks  really weird since no \server is on the \tivoli path)

instead going to this path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\* (which is an active path)

Taking all this in count : could be a solution to exclude the "weird" path:   C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL     from the dsm.opt ?

 if you think it could work please can you give me the best comand line to do it?

Thanks as usual Wool-
C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\ is the home directory of the BA client process. The client always prefixes a given path with this directory when that path is assumed to be “relative”, i. e. when it doesn’t start with a slash or, if it’s Windows, with a backslash and perhaps a drive letter. That’s why I suspected that the line is corrupt (there is/are  some weird, invisible character(s) which keep(s) the client from seeing the path as “absolute“).
You could of course exclude the wrong path from archiving, but I’m rather sure that this won’t  lead to the correct path being archived.

EXCLUDE.ARCHIVE “C:\... ... etc.”

Please be aware that the inclexcl list is processed “bottom up “ , so add the new line at the end of the list.
But as I said, I don’t think this will improve anything.

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the following is somewhat forensics analisys ... since it happens to be so weird ... but it will be just a guess which you should further investigate since I do not have my hands on your servers ..

The 2 facts that your backup belongs to a MS SQL folder and the very weird path "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL" make me think that you have somewhat once tried to configure the SQL files by using the TDP for SQL wizard. If that is the case, chances are that the wizard  (which I personally avoid like plague) has messed up environment variables while configuring all the opt files it does normally generate (dsm, tdpsql, vss, etc.).
So, if this is the case (that you do have TDP installed) I'd go find something into the TDP GUI to see what dsm files it is using to do the backups.
You may as well check the environment variables in use, because as Wool wrote above, that path is assumed to be “relative”, and I do not believe in coincidences.

Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Hi max!
               Thanks for your words. Let me give you a little context here: the server has been builded from scratch. No TDP installed. my usual procedure once i got the path to backup:

1- i make the registration on the TSM server
2- i make the association to the schedule
3- i install the client on the server.
4- i ran the wizard to generate the .opt and the service.

Here you have the last execution. Please can you take a look?

11/05/2017 23:00:33 --- SCHEDULEREC OBJECT BEGIN VWARPASVBES05 11/05/2017 23:00:00
11/05/2017 23:00:33 Incremental backup of volume 'C:\Program'
11/05/2017 23:00:33 Incremental backup of volume 'Files\Microsoft'
11/05/2017 23:00:33 ANS1076E The specified directory path 'C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Files\Microsoft' could not be found.
11/05/2017 23:00:33 Incremental backup of volume 'SQL'
11/05/2017 23:00:34 Incremental backup of volume 'Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL'
11/05/2017 23:00:34 ANS1076E The specified directory path 'C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL' could not be found.
11/05/2017 23:00:42 Successful incremental backup of '\\vwarpasvbes05\c$\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\SQL'

11/05/2017 23:00:48 ANS1898I ***** Processed       500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:00:57 ANS1898I ***** Processed     1,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:03 ANS1898I ***** Processed     1,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:10 ANS1898I ***** Processed     2,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:16 ANS1898I ***** Processed     2,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:23 ANS1898I ***** Processed     3,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:29 ANS1898I ***** Processed     3,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:35 ANS1898I ***** Processed     4,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:41 ANS1898I ***** Processed     4,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:48 ANS1898I ***** Processed     5,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:01:54 ANS1898I ***** Processed     5,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:08 ANS1898I ***** Processed     6,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:14 ANS1898I ***** Processed     6,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:19 ANS1898I ***** Processed     7,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:25 ANS1898I ***** Processed     7,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:30 ANS1898I ***** Processed     8,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:34 ANS1898I ***** Processed     8,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:38 ANS1898I ***** Processed     9,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:40 ANS1898I ***** Processed     9,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:44 ANS1898I ***** Processed    10,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:50 ANS1898I ***** Processed    10,500 files *****
11/05/2017 23:02:55 ANS1898I ***** Processed    11,000 files *****
11/05/2017 23:03:03 Successful incremental backup of '\\vwarpasvbes05\c$\Program'

11/05/2017 23:03:04 --- SCHEDULEREC STATUS BEGIN
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects inspected:       11,255
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects backed up:            0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects updated:              0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects rebound:              0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects deleted:              0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects expired:              0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of objects failed:               0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of subfile objects:              0
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of bytes inspected:              0  B
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total number of bytes transferred:            0  B
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Data transfer time:                        0.00 sec
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Network data transfer rate:                0.00 KB/sec
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Aggregate data transfer rate:              0.00 KB/sec
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Objects compressed by:                        0%
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Total data reduction ratio:                0,00%
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Subfile objects reduced by:                   0%
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Elapsed processing time:               00:02:30
11/05/2017 23:03:04 --- SCHEDULEREC STATUS END
11/05/2017 23:03:04 --- SCHEDULEREC OBJECT END VWARPASVBES05 11/05/2017 23:00:00
11/05/2017 23:03:04 ANS1512E Scheduled event 'VWARPASVBES05' failed.  Return code = 12.
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Sending results for scheduled event 'VWARPASVBES05'.
11/05/2017 23:03:04 Results sent to server for scheduled event 'VWARPASVBES05'.
Then it is right as Wool has told you ...

TSM is processing C:\Program
and so on ...

you have set the wrong syntax

you need to consider spaces and your syntax must be wrong.

try the following syntax:

upd sched <yourdomain> <yoursched> objects='"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\*"'

and so on for all the paths.

It is first char '
and then
char "

and reverse at the end

hope this helps
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
           Thanks for your help. I just made the update on the tsm server:

tsm: TSM_var>upd sched pd_files VWARPASVBES05 objects='"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\*"'
ANR2502I Schedule VWARPASVBES05 updated in policy domain PD_FILES.

Should i do the same modifications (first ' and then ") on the dsm.opt file on the client server?

Thanks again.

the syntax should be:

objects='"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\*" "c:\anthing with a space\blah\blah\*" c:\blah\blah\*'

Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Max , sorry if i missunderstand you. The only path that i should backup is:

'"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.BES\MSSQL\*"'

I made the update in the schedule, should i do the same on the dsm.opt?

no, you just need to restart scheduler on client
Please note: When following max’ suggestions you should no longer use the INCLUDE.ARCHIVE directive because it’s a schedule  option now. Remove it from dsm.opt. Next, since you want to run  an “archive” operation the schedule in question must be set to ACTION ARCHIVE, but I think this is done already.
Finally, be aware that no action other than archiving the mentioned path  will be performed by that schedule.
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Thanks wool and Max for the solution!!!
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