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I need to put the following code all on one line for html formatting

I had this question after viewing HTML formatting a field value as currency in outlook email.

Here is the code for the html formatting:
    mybody4 = "<body><p style='color:Red;'><b>Click on This Link to Approve The Escalation </b>" & _
                          "<a href='http://q004.camp.grn.com/Book_V1/RBEFlow.aspx?id=" & price_escNum & "&level=101&response=pending&qsracfid=" & Qsracfid & "&action=approve'>APPROVE</a>"

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I need one line that reads:

Click Here to APPROVE the Submission

Where APPROVE IS NOW  font size  "18" and is also the Clickable link.

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8/22/2022 - Mon