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Hi there,
So I made a sharepoint list for my employees, the columns are Names, Date/time and comments  (a simple form with comments for each employee).  I have already made the powerapps for it.
-When users fill comments in the list, each comment is overwritten.   I want users to be presented with a fresh sharepoint list with all names as it is but with blank comments column each weekend (after 7 days).  The old list should be archived and saved so that it can be pulled up in case needed.  How and where can I do this.

Not sure if this refresh of sharepoint 2010 list is called archiving lists in sharepoint or something else.   Or this can be controlled by powerapps.  How and where. Need help!
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Note: Not sure how it is done in powerapps, so this information may be useless to you.

Every list or library has the possibility to use Information Management Policy which would allow you to trigger a workflow every 7 days on each item individually. The workflow could create a new list item with the information that you need at at the same time archive the "old" item by setting a column to archived or even by moving the item to a separate archive list.

This would require a lot of work that may be in an area that is new or unknown to you therefore I recommend a gig.

Good luck...
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Information provided is correct and accurate.

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