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Hello - we have a SuperScope configured currently on our DHCP server, and apparently we do not need it, since we have each subnet separated in separate VLANs on the network.  So my question is can I separate the two subnets and remove them from the SuperScope on the server, without affecting the clients that have leases in each of the scopes right now?  Or is this something that should be done afterhours?  Looking for the experts to weigh in.

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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
I would try to DISABLE one scope from superscope first and ask all users (or only those who get address from this scope) to restart computer or shot down after work, then next week you can remove scope from superscope since no one will get any address from disabled scope anymore.

If you will do this on hot system then it's possible that users will loose IP on their NIC and they will lose network connection for a while, so this can cause some application to crash.
Steve McCarthy, MCSE, MCSA, MCP x8, Network+, i-Net+, A+, CIWA, CCNA, FDLE FCIC, HIPAA Security OfficerIT Consultant, Network Engineer, Windows Network Administrator, VMware AdministratorCommented:
I guess my question is, what is it hurting? Having gone through a move to increase IP addresses, it can be a pain as it never goes off as we wish.  So, if you have a Superscope and don't need it, but it is causing you no problems, then why not leave it?

In any case, I would do this after hours if you do it.  You could decrease the least times to minimum, create a batch file to reboot all the PC's, make the change one night and then run that batch file to reboot the PC's and pick up the new addressing.  Then put the lease times back to where they were.

Of course you will have to touch everything with static IP's.
Damian_GardnerAuthor Commented:
I waited until after hourse - removed both scopes from the Superscope, and everything worked well the next morning.  thanks guys
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Best solution provided, no more other questions from author
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