Crystal Reports select non match question

I have a report where the primary file links to a secondary file to obtain some data. Only the matches will be printed on the report. I need to change the report, so that all primary records will be printed regardless of wheter they are a match. I will need to be able to label the non matches in the report. How do I do that?
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Raghavendra HullurSoftware DeveloperCommented:
When you say primary file links to a secondary file, are you using the text files as data source?
If there is a join, then you can make it a outer join instead of inner join under database expert --> Links --> Link Options.
And regarding labeling non matches, you can create a formula and compare the fields which are used for join and when values are not equal, you can use background color highlighter.
This can be explained further once you confirm on your data sources and linking and also, if possible, share a copy of report with saved data.

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qbjgqbjgConsultantAuthor Commented:
These are data base files. I had decided to use a left outer join. I will not be able to try it until Monday. So I believe the question issolved.
qbjgqbjgConsultantAuthor Commented:
Raghavendra HullurSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Since, this question has become inactive and the author hasn't updated on the solution provided, requesting to close this question.
qbjgqbjgConsultantAuthor Commented:
Yes close it.
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