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Displaying multi-select list box using vbs

chrscote asked
I currently have a separate vbs file that renames a file from a generic name to one that is sent with the arguments.  This is done within a DOORS template that creates a document   An example call to this script would be:
cscript "..\3 - Publishing_Scripts\File_Rename.vbs" "${Word}" "${Document_Select}"

where it uses the File_Rename.vbs function to change the name of the current file to the name in Document_Select.

Now, we would like to create a script that runs before the main template that will display a list of available documents they can create and automatically run the template for each document selected.
I will work out the code to run the template multiple times, but my first issue is much more mundane... How do I create a multi-select drop-down box within a .vbs file?

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No capability to do that with just a VBS script, it doesn't support complex UI's, just simple input box stuff.  What you really want to look at is HTA's, it allows an HTML based front end to your VBS code.  Take a look at the following links to get an idea what it is about, and see if you think it might be the direction you want to go.