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Formatting for Mobile

dgarofalo asked
I created an email that is done in HTML. The recipients will receive on desktop and mobile. I cannot use embedded CSS to style it because the email program does not support it so I am stuck using inline CSS. The desktop version looks great, but on mobile it looks awful. I used percentages for the images and widths hoping that would help, but there must be something I am missing. Could someone help please? Thank you.
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Prepress/OMS Specialist
One of the first lessons you learn when it comes to rich style emails is that you need to go back to using tables with inline styles.  It is the only true way to deliver well formatted email.

I would recommend trying a site like BEE Free located here: https://beefree.io/
You could try using vm for the width instead of percentages.  1vm is equal to 1% of the viewport width which may work better than percentages which are relative to the parent of the element.  Also the wrapper is 600px, so you might want to use something like 90vm so it sizes to the viewport size.

Any dimension using px can be a problem when you are trying to be responsive unless you set a max and min to restrict the range.

Now the kicker. You are never going to get perfection for all email clients. They don't support as much as full featured browsers.