MacOS: Can a "headless PC" share its CD ROM Drive?

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I have a Mac that died when its video card failed. There is no way to fix that that I have found yet.

If I buy a new Mac, I know I can access the hard disk from my new Mac. Is there a way to access the CD Drive of the old PC from the new PC also?

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What kind of Mac is it?  Maybe you can replace the video card.

Does the system boot up at all?  If it boots and you enable remote management, maybe you can connect to it remotely.  Does it stall with errors because the video card failed and the device drivers won't allow you to load the rest of the system?  I have booted headless linux and headless windows systems, but never tried Macs.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


Both are MacBook Pro's. The old video card cannot be repaired as Apple has declared it "Legacy" and does not sell the parts to repair shops.


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