Looking for a monitor/tv solution to replace a 4'x12' painting.

Chris H
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We have a large painting in one of our offices that the owner would like to swap out with multiple monitors or one giant monitor/tv.  I'm reaching out to y'all in hopes that one of you have some A/V experience and knows of a vendor that sells zero edge displays or minimal edge with no branding.  Something tells me a 4'x12' single unit would be insanely expensive.  My budget is probably around 5k$, so please keep that in mind.  I'm willing to do all the labor and heavy lifting...  

Please help point me in the right direction!

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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
What about a small projection system with a flat paint on the wall?
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That would be a 150" diagonal - the largest TV I could find on Amazon is 100" and it's $15,000.

So that's not going to be a good answer.

A projector would be a better answer.  Easily done within your budget using a projector.

Otherwise, you could get 4 of these and some really good graphics cards and a computer and simulate it:

(But that woudl be $6,000)
Hi Lee, do you have a link for 100" TV on amazon?  Couldn't find it somehow.  I am too was looking for a similar screen.  Thanks.
Here's the projector paint on Amazon.

You can also mount a projector screen onto a frame too.

You probably want at least a 4k projector to get a better resolution.
Chris HInfrastructure Manager


I'm investigating Lee's links.  Thanks!

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