Not able to print selective pages in word 2016

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Hi Guys

I have word documents that can no print selective pages,  if i print it sends to printer but nothing get printed.   also I believe this document is a mail merge document.   I have PDF the entire document and  print range of pages using adobe.  anyway around this.  the office is office 2016.  any suggestion would be much appreciated.  

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Try reinstalling Office and the Printer both. Restart and test.

Try a new, test Windows User Profile (Account) if the above does not work.

By the way, I just tested a selection in Word 2016 and it worked. Also Office 2016 was updated again today.
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Also I believe this document is a mail merge document.

That is because Word inserts a section break between each merged record it adds to your document.

if you want to print for example from page 24  through  30 then just do this:
Click on Print and in the Print dialog box In the Pages box, enter S24-S30
Click OK and check if that fix the issue,

Note the inclusion of the "s" This indicates you are specifying a section range, as opposed to a normal page range.

Another option:
Run find and replace in word and find all ^b. This is the code for a section break and replace with ^m. This is the code for a page break.

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