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Excel - Copy contents of some cells in Sheet2 into rows with same suburb & postcode in Sheet1

The attached file contains 2 worksheets.
Sheet 1 contains 3 columns - Local Zone numbers, Postcode numbers, Suburb names. For each Postcode/Suburb combination there are many Local Zone numbers. There are also different suburb names against the same postcode number.

Sheet 2 contains 4 columns - Postcode, Suburb, Masthead name, Colour code. This list also has different suburb names against the same postcode.

The requirement is to copy the masthead name and colour code from Sheet2 into Sheet1, into the same row as the Postcode/Suburb combination, and repeat it as many times as the Postcode/Suburb combination appears.
And where there is another Masthead/Colour code for the same Postcode/Suburb, include this in the next columns.

Part of the first two masthead/colour codes have been copied manually to indicate the required result.
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